Saturday, January 24, 2009

NY1 Reports On Further Details For Coney Amusement Plans

Jeanine Ramirez of NY1 reports, in this video (posted on the Coney Island USA message board by Rapid T. Rabbit), the final ride to vacate Astroland; Dante’s Inferno and talks with Community Board 13 District Manager, Chuck Reichenthal and City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden.

The now 27-acre amusement district ‘requires’ there be ‘really fun’ uses like restaurants, batting cages and maybe a roller skating rink and different kinds of rides, states City Planning Commissioner, Amanda Burden. Those keeping up with the redevelopment saga of Coney Island could be quite confused with the 27-acre amusement district as opposed to the mere 9-acre amusement area that was announced a few months ago, which is the primary reason Dick Zigun resigned from the Coney Island Development Corporation after the city changed plans without consulting their board. The same confusion could go to the 12 acres of amusements along the boardwalk and weather it’s part of the 27 acres or in addition.

NY1 also reports:

The historic B&B Carousel would be resurrected there, as well as Astroland’s iconic rocket shop. The area would be mapped as parkland so the city can preserve it as an amusement district.

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