Thursday, January 08, 2009

Guess Where The Astroland Rocket Is Going To Land

According to the Coney Island History Project, the Astroland Rocket's new home is being finalized. And it looks like it may stay in Coney Island. Though the word from Charles Denson, who mentioned the 'serious negotiations', mum is still the word until the announcement is made.

So, if the Astroland rocket is going to be replaced somewhere else in Coney Island...where? What location would be perfect for it? Atop the Coney Island USA building? Inside the Dreamland Roller Skating Rink as we skate around it? Atop the Stillwell station? Beside the Cyclone and re-used as an attraction? Or perhaps inside a newly extended Coney Island History Project headquarters? It's nice to dream but if the rocket is staying in Coney then where? Can you guess? As long as it doesn't look like it's going for scrap then anywhere is better.

Photo copyright 2009 BUTCH [via The Coney Island History Project website]


Anonymous said...

I watched the rocket being lifted off the restaurant from my terrace, ran to take my own personal pictures. So sad about Carol Albert selling. I met her dad Dewey when I was 12 after writing to him a thank you letter for saving the Cyclone in 1975. He called me to his office and gave me a summer pass for the Cyclone for me and as many friends as I wanted. Then he gave me tickets to Astroland rides, roll after roll. My mom stopped him at 70, dang! I had the best summer on the Music Express, and all the rest, of course, I rode the Cyclone 25 times in a row once. I was braver then.

I am so happy reading this, I figured the rocket would go to some historic museum somewhere. I am happy to hear it will be here somewhere, and somewhere here is better than scrap is right. I am just hoping they don't take down the Astro Tower, because it's like when I look off my terrace toward Manhattan and no World Trade Centers, Coney will look flatter and less distinctive. I hope and pray Mayor Bloomberg and Dominic Recchia can save Coney Island. I've been looking at this view since I am 2, and I sure would miss it if the rides were all gone. I would love to see Coney Island go back to how great it was in the 60s and 70s as I was growing up, so much more than it has been these past years. I remember the cable car bubbles, diving bells, it was amazing. For the first time there are some lights across Surf Avenue, I remember when there were continuous strings of lights. Maybe there is hope! Please just don't build high buildings, too many here in this area. Bad enough they made Brighton Private into a claustrophobic "Oceana" Condo development. All those water views people had in nearby buildings like Seacoast Towers, now blocked. I'd move! It's awful how buildings are going ontop of buildings, blocking peoples windows in and everything. Let's leave Coney Island a beautiful open wonderful, fun, cheerful place, the last of the real un-commercialized amusement parks where you don't pay to get it, it's just right on the city block, unique and fabulous. You can just walk around, and take it all in, or take it all ON. Bring it ON, and bring back the fun!

Anonymous said...

Well, not atop the Stillwell Avenue station ... the roof is covered in solar cells.

Anonymous said...

only the part of the station where the trains stop is covered. The Surf Ave portion is not covered in solar cells.