Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gregory & Paul's Food Stands In Coney Island Are Auctioned

Image courtesy of Ioan Sameli (Flickr.com)

As reported on Gothamist, an auction was held Monday afternoon to liquidate the contents of Gregory & Paul's restaurant, one of the last remaining components that made up Astroland's three-acre space, wrote Gothamist. The food stands which Gregory & Paul had located on both the boardwalk and the corner of W. 10th Street and Surf Avenue were on part of the Astroland lot for about 40 years. See more images at Gothamist.

Gothamist further writes:

And there was 40 years of proof scattered around the back kitchens at the auction: Neon beer signs from brands that no longer existed were sold in lots along with cotton candy machines, battered corned beef boilers, old pizza ovens, soda signs and coffee machines, and an industrial drum potato peeler that looked like a cement mixer. In a compact room attached to the manager's office, a giant combination safe—as big as a walk-in closet—waited for a buyer, and someone to engineer an exit strategy through Gregory & Paul's narrow, galley-like prep area.

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Anonymous said...

Auction was only the Surf Ave location. G & P's Boardwalk restaurant hopes to reopen, pending a lease with Thor