Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saying Good-Bye For Now To Astroland Rocket

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In a press conference and ceremony paying tribute to the Astroland rocket which Astroland donated to the city yesterday, many of the main characters attended. Of course among them was Carol Hill Albert, Astroland's past owner and operator, who said:

“This one of a kind Rocket simulator was the very first ride to arrive at Astroland Park, when it was founded by my late father in- law Dewey Albert in 1962. My husband Jerome and myself are donating this in his honor and on behalf the Coney Island History Project. It is especially fitting that this Rocket, which was the first to arrive, will be the last item to leave Astroland Park. On the sad occasion of closing Astroland, which has been Coney Island's largest amusement park for 47 years, my husband Jerome and I are heartened to know that the City will be displaying the Rocket in a prominent location as part of the new Coney Island where it can continue to educate and entertain.”

The rocket is to receive a bronze plaque which on it will be inscribed that the donation is in honor of Dewey 0Albert, Astroland's founder. The plaque is said to be placed on the rocket in the next few months. Though nobody will see it because the rocket itself will be stored some place, somewhere, in Staten Island.

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Posted by Mr Jonsey PabloJonsey on the Coney Island message board:

Rocket may be leaving us soon for exile, but tonight the rocket sleeps cuddled beside the Cyclone's back. The rocket listens to the cry of the Astro Tower for at least one more night, hears the Q train rumbling by for one more night. The rocket will sleep with the sounds of the aquarium and the ocean soothing her to sleep, mermaids will be guarding the rocket tonight.

The rocket has been rumored to be located temporarily at says Indie Rob Leddy on the CIUSA board:

A friend who is a reliable contact called me this afternoon and claims that it will be stored at the Stapleton Homeport.

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