Thursday, January 08, 2009

Proposed Coney Island Community Center Moves Ahead

In his new website, NY City Council member Domenic Recchia announces that the proposed community center for Coney Island which is to be partnered with the YMCA, is moving into the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure process.

Recchia's press release states:

Councilman Domenic M. Recchia, Jr., is pleased to announce that the community center proposed for Coney Island has been certified by the Department of City Planning, and will begin the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure process.

The community center, a YMCA that will include affordable housing, will be located at West 29th Street and Surf Avenue. The center was a popular request by the community during discussions on the redevelopment of Coney Island.

“This is a concrete step toward creating the Coney Island of our dreams, one that thrives year-round and attracts record tourists while retaining the spirit of the community,” said Councilman Recchia. “This center will provide important services, and additional affordable housing will continue to protect those who have called Coney Island their home for decades. This center will provide a true anchor as we move toward a bright future.”

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