Monday, January 05, 2009

Coney Island Destination Becoming 'Disaster Tourism'

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The great Gowanus Lounge blog payed a visited to Coney Island with tears in their eyes at the Astrogate, the boardwalk gate at Astroland with the memorial in honor of Astroland.

Gowanus Lounge writes:
It struck us a little like what we call Disaster Tourism.

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We will have a lot more to say on this subject this week, but what we’ll say for now is that we were disgusted by what we saw and outraged that the city has allowed things to reach this point. Everyone from the Mayor to City Planning Director to the head of the Coney Island Development Corporation should hang their heads in shame at the violence they are allowing to be perpetrated by a mean-spirited, vicious, vindictive developer. As for the developer in question, Joe Sitt, we can not think of enough foul expletives to fully describe our rage and contempt for what he is doing to Coney Island.

Below is the video Gowanus Lounge posted at the 'Astrogate'.

The Astroland Gate with Memorial

Astroland's boardwalk gate with its little memorial.

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