Monday, January 26, 2009

Coney Events Beyond Coney: Richard Eagan's Coney Exhibit

As a founding director of the Coney Island Hysterical Society and activist in pursuit to save Coney Island from demise, artist Richard Eagan has lived nothing short of an eccentric life.

Image below courtesy of Richard Eagan (via Brooklyn Based)

From shark feeder, to bee keep and part time cross-dresser, Mr Eagan has always had his heart in Coney Island. Working with mostly wooden colorful objects which Mr. Eagan likes to call, "Construction Paintings", which are on display at 440 Gallery, his art work reflects the aesthetics of old Coney Island...the spirit that seems to be vanishing a bit more every day.

Mr. Eagan's artwork, is sort of marketed by his (and here's where the cross dressing comes in) skirt-donning, mannish, 'female' counter part and karaoke diva: Kay Sera, (who if that already wasn't enough she [Eagan] is also the spokes model for 'their' home-farmed wildflower honey). Mr. Eagan says his work is made from collected scraps of pieces and debris from buildings in Coney Island that he found either bulldozed or abandoned.

Image above [Kay Sera / Eagan] courtesy of
eloactis (

You can view Mr. Eagan's (who was also known as "Boss of the Boardwalk" back in the old artistic renaissance of Coney Island's early 80's) at the 440 Gallery in Brooklyn.

"Obscurred Offerings"
by Richard Eagan
January 8 thru February 19, 2009

SUNDAY, Jan 11
3 - 6 pm
at 440 Gallery
440 Sixth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 499-3844

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