Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Municipal Art Society's ImagineConey Image Slideshow

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The Municipal Art Society has released images of some of the ideas submitted to them. As outlandish and creative some may be and as the MAS gets set to showcase their collection, there is already some worry that all this big-dreaming hoopla is ignoring the more immediate need to help save Coney Island's present decline into desolate ruin.

We need to clean up the current situation. The city should acquire those important parcels of land from Thor Equities and finally Horace Bullard and work with small businesses. At least in the interim as they work on future plans. With the economy in crisis any huge redevelopment is much more possible in the next few years. The city should also make sure they utilize those empty lots for temporary attractions for the coming season.

However, with little confidence in the city and how they have been performing lately, it is with fairness to say that some may feel more confident in Joe Sitt and Thor Equities to bring in temporary rides and hope they create a longer and upgraded "Summer of Hope '09". At this point, however, it seems both Thor Equities nor the city are showing signs of interest in the immediate concerns for Coney. Thor Equities and their languished communication source (their website) turns to porn - and the city is ignoring everything that's happening around them and sticking to their narrow-visioned plan. Let's face it our voices aren't being heard! We're not loud enough, we're not bold enough, and we're not creative enough!

MAS’s presentation will take place on Tonight, January 14, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Our Lady of Solace Church, 1717 Mermaid Ave, in Brooklyn.

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