Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dead Amusement Parks

Image above from a Tokyo amusement park (found on Dark Roasted Blend)

Image above courtesy of Capt_Nemo (Coney Island USA board)

As we witness the slow death of Astroland Amusement Park in Coney Island, it's easy to be reminded of what most of us today have seen abandoned in Coney Island; the Thunderbolt coaster which was demolished by the Guilliani administration to remove the 'eye sore' for visitors at the Keyspan Park ball stadium. At times landowners and operators would leave their no-value lots intact with their rides and left to rot. Another example was the Wild Mouse coaster left to rust by the Tilyou and McCullough families (as described and pictured in the "Coney Island: Lost & Found" book by Charles Denson). But for Astroland, the case is different; land is valuable and not clearing the lot would spell lost money and waste of space for next summer. However, those rides left behind to decay evoke a ghostly and ominous feeling for those who are able to feel it.

As The Great Fredini found and indicated on the
Coney Island USA message board, an interesting website called Dark Roast Blend has collected a series of images from abandoned amusement parks in Asia. And a further look also shows us surreal and spooky images of an abandoned bark in Germany called SpreePark.

Rapid T. Rabbit directs us to a few pictures he found on and he says on the
CIUSA board:

Here are similarly sad pictures of Planterwald, an abandoned amusement park in East Berlin, Germany.

Both images above courtesy of : : deNNis gErbECkx : : (

Interestingly, amusement parks aren't the only structures and places abandoned. Below is an image of a floating restaurant that also stands many years after serving its last meal. The structure is near the Woncheon Lakeland in Seoul.

If you still want more; here are two videos of abandoned amusement parks.

Spooky Abandond Theme Parks

Abandoned theme parks are sad and very spooky!

Posted by
crazyforcoasters [YouTube]

Chippewa Lake Amusement Park

Tour through the park after many years abandoned

Posted by
rcbif101 [YouTube]

There are many more abandoned parks than you can imagine around the world. Here's a list of them.

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