Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Calling Brooklyn Bands To Play At Coney Island

New York Rocks is giving local rock bands to opportunity to play on the boardwalk for a hour of sets in front of summer beach goers as well as exposure on the interent on NYRocksTV.com. For New York Rocks Coney Island Series.

Dates in Coney Island as follows:

Saturday May 23rd
Saturday June20th
Saturday July 18th
Saturday July 25th
Saturday August 1st
Sunday August 9th
Sunday August 16th

Here's what you get if your band plays at the beach.

A Complete Band $225 Video Package Consists of:
1. Your band plays a full Set on the boardwalk
2. Video (DVD) of 3 songs digitally recorded
3. Video Interview
4. Written Bio
5. Picture Disc
6. Video streaming on Internet and your website
7. Band interview and performance on New York Rocks Cable TV Show and website.

To submit your music and contact information send to:Phil Fiumano at nyrockstv@aol.com. Also visit the site at NYRocksTV.com

Here is a pain in the ass video from concert series. "New York Rocks!", yells Borough Prez. Marty Markowitz. The song asks Coney boardwalkers, "Who's a pain in the ass?". Coney songster, Amos Wengler says, "The guy who wants to build, these condos over here!"
Warning: Song lyrics contain 'ass' language not suitable for kids on the boardwalk.

Mystical Children Video

"Pain in the Ass" Video.

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