Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Coney Island Saviors To Land On City Hall Steps Once Again!

That's today, April 1st at 12 noon at the steps of City Hall in NYC. Join all Coney Island Savers to demand that the city buy the land and fix their plan! So, please strap on your megaphones and pass this information along before it's too late and show up either in your colorful zest or daily street garb.

The press release reads:

Help us tell the City of New York that it is time for them to take bold action and BUY the land necessary to create a first-rate amusement park

To create this World Class Amusement Destination, the city must also FIX their plan and designate more land for outdoor amusements, remove high-rises from the heart of the district, and promote locally-owned small businesses.

Please join us immediately after the press conference for the City Council Public Hearing at City Hall


Please attend the City Council Committee on Economic Development and Committee on Land Use public hearing on Coney Island!!

Date: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 Time: 1:00 PM Location: Council Chambers - City Hall

Please help us tell the City Council that they must FIX their plan by making the following amendments: 1) Expand the acreage for outdoor rides and amusements.2) Prevent high-rise towers from invading the heart of the amusement district.3) Promote small businesses and local entrepreneurs and prevent their misplacement.4) Protect Coney Island's historic buildings.5) Create jobs for New Yorkers in the amusement industry by preserving amusement zoning.

By fixing its plan, the city can revitalize Coney Island's historic amusement district, preserving it as a playground for all New Yorkers, a world-class tourist destination and an economic engine for the Coney Island community and New York City.

We encourage everyone to come prepared to make a statement at the hearing. In order to speak, make sure to come early and sign up!!

Coney Island deserves to be a World Class AMUSEMENT DESTINATION!!
Show the city that we won't stand for less!!

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