Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Robert Guskind Memorial

Image courtesy of Chris Kreussling a.k.a. Flatbush Gardener (

Now called the "Blogfather of Brooklyn", Gowanus Lounge blog founder, the late Robert Guskind was a true pioneer in this new media called blogging. At the top of his game in one of the most bloggiest places in the world. A single passionate and devoted man was able to write, photograph, edit, and publish his own electronic newspaper: The Gowanus Lounge. He was a keen observer, a great communicator, and a charmer! Robert Guskind will be sorely missed. His vast reporting and analysis on the continuing Coney Island saga was superior. Robert Guskind had many kind words for this little blog and helped gain its audience. Humbly stating, KC has recently dwindled down in coverage but will now be picking up its slack and fill, at least, some of the missing Coney coverage in blogs left by Mr. Guskind's absence.

On Saturday, April 4th 2009 The memorial for Bog Guskind drew about 100 people from bloggers, friends, and family. All came to pay respects and remember Mr. Guskind and his extraordinary contribution to his beloved neighborhood of Brooklyn.
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The Memorial Gathering Saturday at the Brooklyn Lyceum was a heartfelt opportunity for Bob Guskind’s friends (and family) to meet each other, share memories, and contribute to their understanding of a man who made a huge impression on Brooklyn in just a few years. Fellow bloggers and activists cited him as a mentor and an inspiration.

Here's a wonderful video to remember Mr. Guskind by. The video was produced by Blue Barn Pictures who produced the intro video to last year's Blogfest.

View photos from other photographers that attended the Guskind memorial here.

Below is a video with Senator Daniel Squadron and Assembly member Joan Millman who sponsored a resolution to honor the life and work of Gowanus Lounge founder Bob Guskind.

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