Monday, April 13, 2009

Has Coney Mayor Dick Zigun Gone Too Far?

Coney Island USA artistic director, Dick Zigun has decided to set himself up as a target for sharp metal rushing towards him at 60 miles an hour...all in effort to help keep his non-profit organization's doors open. At the Coney Island USA 2009 Spring Gala, Mr. Zigun will have (for every $100 dollars raised) a knife flown at him by Guinness world record holding knife thrower, The Great Throwdini. And for $100 or more a knife in your name. (if you pledge right now before this Thursday). Immediately, what comes to mind would be to hope Mr. Zigun doesn't have any enemies. But in the ever-pressing Coney redevelopment saga, he may have one or two ready to make some big pledges.

In a press release sent out by CIUSA:

“I’ve spent the last 3 decades of my life spilling blood, sweat and tears for Coney Island USA, what’s a little more? NY State’s Arts funding has been slashed to ribbons so this seemed like a fitting way to respond and help make sure that Coney Island USA's doors stay open” said Mr. Zigun.

While the Great Throwdini can boast of a perfect safety record when it comes to knife throwing, this time he'll be throwing at an amateur target. An amateur who is much more likely to flinch when faced with pointed steel flying towards his body at 60 miles per hours. Many of Mr. Zigun's friends have urged him to consider other ways to overcome the budget shortfalls. "This time he's gone too far. He's kind of a twitchy guy to begin with, with a knife thrown directly at him he is liable to jump and catch one in a sensitive spot", said a worried Coney Island USA Board President Mark Alhadeff.

While all of the knife dedications to date are of a cheerful nature, there may be exceptions. Even though Mr. Zigun has been a very popular figure around Coney for the last twenty seven years, with all of the recent controversy over the potential re-development of Coney Island he has made a few enemies. There are rumors of a few well-heeled folks getting together to sponsor a number of knives with some pretty scary dedications to be read out loud at the Gala. It remains to be seen whether the negative dedications actually materialize.

In this effort Mr. Zigun will risk cuts to balance budget cuts so make your pledge now. And remember, you don't have to join the event to sponsor a knife.

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