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So Now Its The Federal Funding To Rescue The Boardwalk

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Of course, any funding is good funding for Coney Island. According to a press release reported on the Gotham Gazette, the city has received federal funding for various projects that fall under the transportation category. Earlier, as Ruby's Host recalls to KC in an e-mail, it's interesting to know what happened to the funds that Coney Island Development Corporation president, Lynn Kelly and Council Member, Domenic Recchia boasted about last year at a meeting. They claimed that they already had about $20 million given by the state for the boardwalk repairs. Unless, the $20 million from the state is what's paying for the repairs going on now. But then again the jumpstart in renovations was funded with a check by New York State Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (45th dist.) and Alec Brook-Krasny (46th dist.) as reported by The Epoch Times.

Gotham Gazette's
Wonkster blog reports:
The projects, which span all five boroughs, are worth a total of $1.1 billion and will keep or create 32,000 jobs, according to the administration.
The press release states that the boardwalk's repairs were allotted $15 million with an estimated 2011 completion.

With regards to Coney Island the press release reads:
Reconstruction of Coney Island Boardwalk

Description: Reconstruction of crumbling portions of the deteriorated boardwalk. The current boardwalk is structurally unsound in some areas and constantly requires “band-aid” repairs or partial reconstruction. The reconstruction will be done using sustainable materials that have a lower carbon footprint, lower maintenance costs and will reduce future deterioration to unsafe conditions. Reconstruction work will take place from West 31st to West 37th Street, West 15th Street to Stillwell Avenue, and Surf Avenue / Ocean Parkway to Brighton 2nd. Maintaining a state of good repair along the boardwalk will help ensure the health of local tourism and recreation industries.

Total Project Cost: $15 million
Displaced Funding
Received: $15 million
Other Funding: $0
Construction Bid: Spring 2009
Estimated Completion: Spring 2011

Gotham Gazette Wonkster listed all other city projects to benefit from the stimulus package

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