Saturday, April 18, 2009

'Festival By The Sea' Website Is Up And Running

Thor Equities and their Festival by the Sea's website is up. With a flash splash page of a small place pulling banners that say: 'Life is a Beach...', 'So make the most of it', and 'Food, Fun, Bargains, and Rides'. Then in zooms down on the festival itself with sounds of the crowds.

Once you find your way around the site you can get an overview of the festival itself:
Coney Island has never been accused of being “ordinary.” And, just like its home, Festival by the Sea is no ordinary open air market. Festival by the Sea is a totally new and exhilarating experience – an exciting and festive place to eat great food, hang out and see and be seen. This hip new approach to the old school open air market will include everything from great rides and live entertainment to local flavors of all kinds.

Festival by the Sea is taking place in the heart of Coney Island. Just go to the corner of Surf and Stillwell. It’d be hard to miss!

You can find out its schedule and hours of operation. The festival will be open weekends and during the week except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And then only open on the weekends from September 7th all the way to Christmas Eve. You can also view their list of vendors which currently seems there are none. Their events calendar is coming soon. There is also a neat map of the area where you cursor magnifies areas of it. The map at this point seems geared more for vendors.

The festival is slated to open on May 15th.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who did the illustration for the Festival By The Sea?