Monday, April 20, 2009

Thor Equities Announces Their Land Fully Active This Summer

In a press release issued out today from Thor Equities, they announce that 100% of their land including 100% of the boardwalk businesses to be open and in full operation for the 2009 season.

Here is the press release in its entirety:


Nathan’s Famous, Ruby’s Old Tyme Bar, Beer Garden, Shoot the Freak, Steve’s Grill House and other Coney Institutions Re-Sign to be Part of Thor’s “Festival By the Sea”

Thor Continues Major Push to Help Bring Coney Back to Life – 100% of Thor’s Land Active this Summer

(Brooklyn, NY) – Coney Island’s famous boardwalk will once again feature some of the City’s most iconic and traditional Coney fare this summer, Thor Equities announced today. Institutions like Nathan’s Famous and Ruby’s Old Tyme Bar along with “only in Coney Island” favorites like Cha Cha’s, Steve’s Grill House and Shoot The Freak have all re-signed to come back to Coney Island this summer and be a part of the Thor’s Festival By The Sea.

“You just can’t have a Coney Island summer without a Nathan’s hotdog or a burger on the Boardwalk,” said Joe Sitt, President of Thor Equities. “This summer will be the best we have had in decades as the Festival is bringing new rides, new vendors, better freaks and filling the Coney Boardwalk with the institutions that have been here for generations."

The vendors who have renewed leases include: Nathan’s Famous, Steve’s Grill House, Pio Pio Riko, Cha Cha’s, Gregory & Paul’s food stands, Shoot the Freak, Ruby’s Old Tyme Bar and the local beer garden.

“We are thrilled to be coming back and to be a part of the festival,” said John “Cha Cha” Ciarco. “This season is shaping up to be the best in years and is a tremendous step forward for Coney.”

Today’s news is the third announcement in two weeks by Thor Equities on The Festival. This week’s announcement confirms that 100% of Thor’s land in Coney Island will be active this summer.

“This summer you’re going to see something at Coney you’ve never seen before,” said Anthony “Freak” Bellengerini and Carl Muroco, operators of Shoot the Freak and the beer garden. “There will be something for everyone here, and we’re looking forward to a great season.”

Last week, Thor announced rides, sideshows and four colorful tents dedicated to a festival market place, featuring hundreds of local and regional vendors. A fifth tent will be dedicated to seating for the Foodies Festival area.

Two weeks ago Thor announced that it will be bringing dozens of amusement rides and the country’s largest sideshow, the John Strong’s Shows, to Coney this summer as part of the Festival by the Sea. The approximately 25 rides, sideshows and oddities will be housed at the former Astroland site, featuring freaks of nature such as a two-headed cow named “Nosy Rosey” and a 200-lb snake named, “Julius Squeezer.”

All told, Thor plans to create more than 1,000 jobs as part of the Festival.

The Festival By The Sea is scheduled to open in mid-May and all of the Festival will stay through Labor Day weekend.

Unless the former and small Lola Staar botique has not been leased to a new business, then it not be completely 100% open. According to this latest press release, Thor has incorporated the famed boardwalk businesses into his 'Festival by the Sea' which will be at the lot directly behind these long-time coney boardwalk establishments. It also seems Thor Equities didn't think much of the Coney Island USA freaks since he plans on bringing in 'better freaks' as the release states. Lastly, it seems a bit confusing as to what Thor Equities is calling its 'amusement galore' in Coney. Sittland West is the 'Festival by the Sea' and previously Sittland East (the former Astroland lot) was or still is the Dreamland park which will temporarily house the rides that are still due to arrive and the sideshows. So, is it all now going to be called "Festival by the Sea" or what? We'll have to go by Thor's fourth or fifth press release or the festival's website to find out.

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