Friday, April 17, 2009

A Confederacy Of 25 Rides To Descend On Thor's New Dreamland Park

The Rides Are Coming! The Rides Are Coming!

Yesterday we complained about no signs of any rides coming to Thor's new Dreamland park on the former Astroland lot. But in an email shot to KC from Thor Equities spokesman, Stefan Friedman, he sternly said:

We are having upwards of 25 rides this summer as part of Dreamland. I don't understand why you keep asking where the rides are. They're on the way.

Since there was also no mention of rides on a particular flyer and there was talk about no rides in sight on the Coney Island USA message board, the complaints started. But now we can be assured that up to 25 rides will descend on Thor Equities new Dreamland amusement park. Hopefully, they'll be something new and not the same ole' stuff again.

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electricia said...

Gee, Stefan is getting testy….What does he mean "they're on the way." Are they refurbishing rides found on Are they coming from China? By NOT bringing in rides to replace Astroland's evicted 24 rides in time for Coney’s opening day, Sitt is hurting business for all of Coney Island and continuing to damage Coney’s reputation.

Sitt has the nerve to call his temporary fair "Dreamland Amusement park" and a replacement for Astroland Park, yet he has effectively pushed back the opening date for the rides till May 15, just as he did last year with the carnival rides that he brought to Stillwell. Don't forget people have a choice of other places to go to ride rides such as nearby Adventurer’s Park (the former Nellie Bly), Reithoffer Carnival at Belmont Fair, other carnivals in Staten Island and NJ, Six Flags Great Adventure.