Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thor Equities To Bring Their Promised Amusements Galore And Sideshow To Coney

Here's the press release that was sent out this morning for dozens of amusements that will come descend on the Thor Equities lots in Coney Island for the 2009 summer season.

Here is the complete press release:


Rides to include the Himalaya, Flying Bobsled, Ring of Fire Miniature Roller Coaster, Bumper Cars and Selection of Kiddy Rides; Freak Shows to Feature 17-Inch Horse; 200-Pound Python and Two-Headed Cow

Will combine with other elements on Thor’s Coney Island properties to create 700 jobs this summer

(BROOKLYN): Visitors to Coney Island this summer will be greeted by more than 25 fun-filled rides and dozens of circus freaks courtesy of John Strong’s Shows -- the largest collection of oddities and freaks in all of America, Thor Equities announced today.

“Amusements and circus freaks form the backbone of Coney Island’s unique and wonderful history, and this summer, the people’s playground will be chock full of the rides, oddities and games that make Coney Island what it is” said Joe Sitt, President of Thor Equities. “But beyond the fun and games, Thor’s summer plans will also put hundreds of people to work and give New Yorkers a low-priced option for family fun. In these tough times, everybody needs to have a little fun. In Coney this summer you can bring the whole family and spend the day while not spending a fortune.”

Rides that will join the world-famous Cyclone and Wonder Wheel to create an amusement extravaganza include the Himalaya, Flying Bobsled, Ring of Fire Miniature Roller Coaster, Bumper Cars a full complement of Kiddy Rides and many others.

Anthony Raffaele, a 30-year veteran of Coney Island, will operate the rides under his company, “Dreamland Park Amusements.”

“There’s an old expression that says Coney still has a dance or two left in her, and I’m really happy to be at the dance this year; it’s going to be great!” Raffaele said.

John Strong III and his collection of circus freaks -- the largest in the land -- will make their debut in Coney Island this summer, as well.

“Dick Zigun and his Coney Island Circus Sideshow had better hold onto their hats, because we’re bringing the weirdest, most bizarre, outlandish and strangest collection of freaks and oddballs that the People’s Playground has ever seen,” Strong said.

Joining Strong at his Coney Island Giant Freak Show will be Tiny the 17-inch horse, a 200-pound python named Julius Squeezer, Nosy Rosey, a two-headed cow, and many others. All told, Strong will bring eight, low-priced shows, all of which were thought up with the Coney Island spirit in mind.

All rides and sideshows are signed to remain in Coney Island through Labor Day.

Loren Riegelhaupt
Senior Vice President
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