Monday, April 20, 2009

Portrait Zaniness At Coney 2009 Spring Gala

Top right image courtesy of linda rosendahl. Right and bottom left images courtesy of David H. DuPuy

For the eccentric and the zany of the Coney Islandesque type, photo ops look more like a drunk fest in a burlesque hall back room. The 2009 Coney Island Spring Gala fundraiser brought out the confederacy of lunacy in everyone all in efforts to help preserve the cultural arts organization.

Here showcased in these a la
photo booth and benefit portraits are from the photographers,
linda rosendahl and David H. DuPuy.

See the
Flickr Slideshow for the 2009 Coney Island USA Spring Gala photo booth portraits. Warning: Almost 2,000 pictures of zaniness!

Coney Island Residents Party To Save Community []

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