Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marty's Potato Chip Turns Out To Be A Classy Clam Shell By The Sea

Designed by Grimshaw Architects

The controversial amphitheater dreamed up by Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz to revamp the current boring Asser Levy Park's concrete band shell turns out to be a classy clam shell with a charming pearly hue. The $65 million amphitheater is gaining much opposition for some weak reasons and some strong ones.

City law bans amplified sound within 500 feet of a house of worship. That's why the free concerts by Markowitz's have always been on Thursdays. And that's exactly what sits in that range: two Synagogues. They are the main opposers of the project.
Therefore, the $64 million for a concert space that won't generate money on weekend nights seems pointless.

"What concessionaire is going to take this over if you can't have concerts on Friday and Saturday nights?" said activist Ida Sanoff, who is leading the charge to scuttle the project.

"How is this thing going to be viable if they can't run events at the most popular time?"

That's viable but what do the synagogues have to worry about if the noise polution law is protecting them? Nearby residents are also opposing the project for the same reason. But as Marty says it will 'bring a "world-class" concert venue to Coney Island and that is a key part of the city's planned revitalization of the area', reported the NY Daily News.

They also reported:

"This location is absolutely perfect to become something that the community will be proud of," said Markowitz, calling the site a "gateway to Coney Island."

"There's not a project anywhere in Brooklyn that doesn't meet with some folks in the community opposing it," he said.

There are synagogues everywhere, yet no where in Coney for such a venue. A venue that is needed to invigorate Coney Island's redevelopment.

Markowitz's plan for $64 million amphitheater comes under fire [NY Daily News]


Anonymous said...

I lived here for over 4o years. I played in Seabreeze park (I will always call it that). The large open area is important to keep. Sorry Marty... you do a great job promoting Brooklyn, but this is one fight I hope you loose.

Spend the money on getting more use out of Keyspan, the most underutilized improved piece of land in all Coney.

aka Capt_Nemo

Anonymous said...

Marty is misinformed if he thinks only some people in this community oppose it. Most people are against it. He proposes to take most of the park and build a 10 ft wall around the ampitheatre. In addition there is limited parking and Street access is limited to West 5th st , 2 lanes,Surf Ave,4 lanes.The opposition of the two Synagogues is not the issue, it is the expenditure of $64 million when Keyspan Park is a few blocks away. Every time someone has a new plan for CI it is always claimed that it will reinvigorate CI. Did Keyspan do that. I don't think Marty's amphitheatre will do it either.