Thursday, April 16, 2009

Will The Ghosts Of Astroland's Rides Overshadow Thor's Dreamland?

How well will Thor Equities and Joe Sitt's 2nd Dreamland 'amusement' park fare with this coming season's Coney goers? Will most appreciate something new and different merely because it's not what's been there for last few years in Coney Island? Or, would most grind through it only once and whine, "Where are the new rides"? Yes, we still have those great Coney icons to ride but nothing new? No Astroland! We can never forget Astroland...can we? As frequent poster on the Coney Island USA message board, Elephant Man points out; "Everyone who walks on this midway is going to see the ghosts of the Astroland rides that were there before". What keeps many Coney goers coming back are the rides they could ride over again. So, unless Sitt brings in some rides as he's stated in a former press release, there may be big disappointments. The later flyers seem to be void of any mention of rides.

Last year Joe Sitt brought
"Summer of Hope" in Coney Island on the Thor Equities lot on Stillwell Avenue (Sittland West) and also called it 'Dreamland'. Sitt said, “Thor is fully committed to the amusement industry in Coney". But the 'Summer of Hope' fizzled out earlier than planned, leaving him unfully committed. Ride operators scrambled. So, perhaps Mr. Sitt was too greedy making too many demands or it was his intention all along. Sitt, just recently, managed to brush of the Ringling Brothers Circus who were in talks with Thor Equities about coming to Coney Island. They claimed he made crazy demands and decided to work with the city and Taconic Investments.

Look what you took out Mr. Sitt to put in. But it's too late now. Is this what you call 'Amusements galore'?

So, we ask, "Oh, where are the rides, Mr. Sitt"?

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