Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Video Rewind - 1998: Coney Island

Video rewind and going back to pre-Coney redevelopment saga years takes a look at 'Coney's lull years'. From the late 70's to the turn of the century when Coney Island was still going but almost in an state of comatose caused by the first amusement-haters, Robert Moses and Fred Trump. And ends with the next big change in Coney Island that started with the creation of something bigger; the ballpark and the new subway station. That sparked the interest of the city followed by the big developer to finally redevelop Coney Island.

We video rewind to 1998 to some fast cutting super black and white 8 footage of a Coney Island day with an air show.

Coney Island

Super 8 footage by Todd Boebel of a Coney Island air show in 1998.

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