Monday, April 13, 2009

Ruby's Opens Despite Ruby's

Image courtesy of Rubys Host (

Ruby's Bar & Grill opened on the Coney Island boardwalk today literally and sort of figuratively. Despite being unable to open inside due to the fencing so they set up a make-shift bar outside of the fence. As Ruby's Host indicates, people were allowed through the fence as long as they stayed over at Cha-Cha's which has been open for business a couple of weeks already. Despite, the windy and chilly day, people were enjoying themselves on the slabs at Cha-Cha's. Then after a few short hours Ruby's closed and packed up their make-shift bar.

This week, the boardwalk planks should be placed and the fences taken away. Some still question the slabs under the boardwalk planks. The city says they are used to protect people from falling through broken planks and to help support city vehicles. But some speculate that the slabs may not help the naturally drainage and sand build-up between the planks which could cause faster rotting.

And Ruby's expects to have their official opening inside by next weekend.

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