Monday, January 12, 2009

Danger Danger...More Thor Neglect Out To Hijack Your Computer website has apparently been neglected and let to expire by Thor Equities. It seems another company has, for whatever reason, picked up the domain name and put a link to some French porn site which could be detected by anti-spyware and virus software and give you a warning (if you're protected). If you're not, it could infiltrate your system and hijack it! Danger, Danger this is your warning.

A Coney Island USA
poster says, "Thor doesn't maintain anything--fences or websites-- danger everywhere, whether you're in Coney Island or at home in front of your computer. "

This doesn't give Thor Equities the impression that they have any genuine interest in Coney Island's future. Unless, they have something else in store. Or is Thor Equities simply out to get to unsuspecting online Coney lovers? Regardless, it's obvious Thor has no concern about communicating with the online public or perhaps nothing to offer next season. Could it be they have no intention to fill up their lots this coming season with temporary attractions 'galore'?


Lefty said...

Thor should be cited and fined by the city for those fences.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we're working hard to turn Coney Island into a wasteland. Just make sure we get our money!

Lefty said...

It's like the god damned mafia.