Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Sitt Thor Fences Falling In Coney Island

Image courtesy of Capt_Nemo (Coney Island USA message board)

Those blue fences by Joe Sitt and Thor Equities keep falling onto the sidewalk and they haven't bothered to send their workers to fix them. Capt_Nemo who caught the fences down writes:

as reported by myself and others weeks ago, his fence fell down and so far Sitt hasn't bothered to repair the fallen plywood fence piece surrounding his property

Even though it's winter, Joe Sitt doesn't seem to care to fix his tarnished image in Coney Island and at least keep these fences up and tidy. Instead they are neglected, fallen, and exposing the dumpster site he's created with garbage bags and junk.

Image courtesy of Mr Jonsey PabloJonsey (Coney Island USA message board)

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Anonymous said...

the second photo of Sitt's fences that says joey ci, isnt mine

aka Capt_Nemo